Best Friend Goals

We have all heard the famous saying: ‘a friend in need is a friend in deed’. We expect from our best friends something more than what we expect from our family and even the romantic partner. Here are some of the most important characteristics of a best friend.

Be honest

A true friend is a person’s most honest critique. True friendship does not mean that you agree with everything he/she does. Every person, even your best friend, is bound to make mistakes – and you as a good friend has the responsibility to be honest about it, and to tell it directly. Honesty should be also maintained in what you feel and do in relation to your friendship. A true friendship harbours no lies, and honesty lays the strongest foundation for a thriving friendship.

However, this does not also mean that you are too blunt or rude. You should be able to understand your friend’s emotions, and deal with it accordingly. Sometimes being too blunt creates no impact – only tears relationships apart. For an example, if your friend is involved romantically with an ‘unsavoury’ person, then saying so bluntly and directly will not do. She/he will only be upset with you, thinking that you cannot understand the feelings. Therefore it is important for you to talk to your friend about stop smoking hypnosis and make them understand slowly and strategically.

Be attentive

One reason – though we do not often think of it this way – of us having friends is because we need attention. We need someone to listen to us; we need someone to look out for us. In fact, we need someone who will choose us over the other person – this is the crux of being ‘best friends’.

However, paying attention to your friend goes beyond just listening. You need to be attentive to any changes of attitudes that you see in your friend. For an example, your friend might be going through an extremely stressful situation, which has the potential to end up in a mental breakdown. In such cases, you need to be able to talk to him/her, and if needed take him/her to a counsellor or – if required- to hypnotherapy for depression.

Mental breakdowns are quite common these days owing to the extreme competition in all facets of life, and hypnotherapy for depression will help your friend to overcome problems he/she might be having internally.

Be loyal

In a world filled with competition and back stabbers, the best friend is the one stable pillar in a person’s life. Thus, loyalty is key for any friendship – for its sustenance and enrichment. If you are the type of person who will go behind your friend’s back and gossip, or reveal the most confidential information to third parties, then it can only be concluded that you are not a true friend.