The causes of depressions

It is widely acceptable that the adolescences years for most teenagers are very difficult and the adolescents may be overwhelmed by bouts of despair and sadness, which are usual cases of teenage behaviors. Depression is caused by a few things in adolescence.Among the cause is the change of residence or a conflict at home, in other instances the depression is caused by social or academic pressures. In some instances the depression in teenagers is as a result of physical or psychological condition such as disability of bipolar disorder. Once the parents or the guardians discover that a child may be suffering from depression they must take him to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis in order to have depression treatment and manage his condition better.

Sometimes, the teenagers will be depressed because of some stressful situations within the home environment. For example, when close relative or a friend dies, brings about the feeling of depression. When there are major conflicts at the home of teenagers such as the parents keep on fighting there is a chance that teenager will be depressed in the process. In other instances a teenager may feel as if they are not appreciated, safe, or even valued this may lead to depression. At times it starts out as anxiety which can be stopped in time through anxiety counselling in Gold Coast.

At times there are reports on the news that a certain teenager went on a rampage and shot a few of the students in the school they attend. Most probably the student may have developed depression out of the academic or social pressures that are exerted on a student. It is common occurrences to find teens that do not feel as part of the crowd because of various reasons pertaining to his perceived shortcomings such as eating disorders or inflicted pain by significant others or they are confused about their sexual orientation. And then there is academic pressure that is exerted on a bright student on his/her performances leading to a lot of pressure and possibly in the end it brings about depression.

The depression may be caused by some mental or physical condition. For instance, the adolescent who suffers from a hormonal imbalance or anxiety disorder may run deep into depression because of the state of mind they are in physically or mentally. At times teenagers with disabilities such as cerebral palsy might be affected by depression because of the feeling they have once they realize they are different from their peers.

Whichever the case in the causes of depression, the adolescents might go into periods of self destruct modes because of the depression or worse still they might commit suicide and go along with others in the process. As result, the guardians or parents need to ensure that a teen is taken for diagnosis is there are signs of depression before it get to unmanageable condition such as a smoker who needs stop smoking hypnotherapy. They can help the teenager by trying to speak to them directly concerning their feelings and bringing them in for security. If you are not close to the teenager you can share your observations with the guardian or the parents or even the teacher.